BONUS! Geek Out: We Need to Talk About Horror

BONUS EPISODE! We decided to talk about horror movies, in this our first official Geek Out episode! We discuss some of our favorite horror flicks, from the good to the so-bad-they're-good to the ones with zombies. Listen at your own risk! Listen here or download A couple corrections: I mistakenly said in the episode that... Continue Reading →

Episode 5: Mean Girls

On Wednesdays we wear pink! This month we break down Mean Girls' Pop DNA, from the literary tradition of social satire in the work of Swift and Thackeray, to the roles of women in comedy and STEM fields, to the film's place as a link in a long chain of teen comedies. So fetch! Listen... Continue Reading →

Episode 1: Wonder Woman

Now Remastered and Expanded! Our brand new podcast, Pop DNA, explores the literary and historical roots of your favorite movies and TV shows. In our first episode, your hosts Erin and Rhonda discuss how The Little Mermaid, Aristotle, and the early 20th Century women's suffrage movement are all related to the 2017 film Wonder Woman,... Continue Reading →

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